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Tailored Solutions, Measurable Impact

Maximize your digital investments across the energy sector

Transform Your Business With Optimized Time-to-Value Strategies

What We Do

Activera proactively addresses complex challenges with a data-driven mindset


We focus on the insights needed to optimize the overall business strategy, foster timeline adherence, and maximize return on investment.


We streamline your transformational initiatives by leveraging your assets, optimizing your processes, and preparing your people for the change ahead.

D I G I T A L   C H A N G E

We harness the power of technology to amplify your value from transformational initiatives, all while expertly preparing your team for the  journey ahead.

D A T A   &   A N A L Y T I C S

We enhance decision-making by leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics to translate big data into valuable insights.

Who are we

Our Partners

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Our Accelerators

Hit the ground running and reduce costs with Activera's prebuilt tools

Hexagon flowchart illustrating workflow
Collaborating at Work

Active Change

Mitigate the traditional challenges of change by centralizing your portfolio into a single, integrated platform.

We enable change managers to capture  real-time information around change readiness, timeline adherence, and adoption to proactively address potential risks

Packaged Dashboards

Hit the ground running and provide your team unparalleled insights to confidently make data-driven decisions.

With in-house financial and operational dashboards connected to NetSuite, Oracle, and Vena Solutions, we help your team jump the initial hurdle.

Graphical dashboard displaying results
Person working on a laptop, analyzing data and graphs for data-driven insights and decision-making
  • Achieve business agility and drive successful transformations

    300 US dollars


The latest from Activera Consulting

In The News

Activera Consulting acquires Analytx Solutions, LLC.
This merger will bring together the best of both companies to create a stronger, more dynamic organization. By combining our resources and expertise, we will provide you with even better products and services while continuing to deliver the professionalism and consistency that you have come to expect from us.

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